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Agnes Donnadieu Studio

"Agnes Donnadieu of Donnadieu Studios is a magician! From our first interaction of discussing and setting up my session, to arrival through receiving my final photos, Agnes made me feel comfortable and confident. As a Human Resources professional, I don't normally participate in any kind of photoshoot. My lack of experience allowed Agnes to work her magic! Agnes gave me direction on how to stand, move my head and adjust my smile, to capture the best photos. And that she did. My final photos are beautiful and natural, and I will be utilizing them whenever and wherever I possibly can. I would recommend Agnes of Donnadieu Studios to anyone I come in contact with. Agnes is professional, timely, affordable and a lot of fun to work with, particularly for a novice like me." Nicole Lewis, Real Estate Broker

"Thank you so much! The photo looks great on my profile." Cristina Liberto

"I love it!! It looks awesome!" Anne Crowe, Real Estate Broker

"This looks great on my end. Thank you. I'll be sure to keep you front of mind with referrals." Bob Harrington, Attorney

"The picture was perfect. I am really pleased with it. And also how fast you delivered back. Our office will be using your services in the near future. Thank you so much!" Vanessa Villalva, Real Estate Broker

" Thank you for your services Agnes, love how they came out. I'll be sure to keep you front of mind with referrals." Demos Tingas, Real Estate Broker

"Picture is perfect! You did wonders. Thank you!" Tracy Schanck, Real Estate Broker

"This is perfect! Thanks so much for working with me. I appreciate your craft so much!" Malissa Gene Parson, Real Estate Broker

"I really enjoyed meeting you and appreciate your good and quick work." Derek Schmidtt, Real Estate Broker

"Thank you so much. You did such a wonderful job. I thank you for making me look good!" Nancy Slattery, Real Estate Broker

"You are so talented agnesÖa true artist!" Sheri Hones, Manager

"Thank you. I appreciate your hard work!" Maureen O'Grady, Real Estate Broker

"Oh my gosh I love it! It looks so good! You really did some magic!" Jon Gould, Real Estate Broker

"You are a genius!" Teresa Pointer, Real Estate Broker

"'s stunning...I really appreciate your help and expertise." Christina Corral, Real Estate Broker

"I think it looks great. Iím happy with it. Thank you for being so good and taking time with us." Barbara Robertson, Real Estate Broker

"I sincerely appreciate your time dedicated to helping me have the perfect photo. Thank you again." Gina Gallo, Real Estate Broker

"Looks great Agnes. Thanks so much for all of your hard work on this. It was an absolute pleasure meeting you and I hope our paths cross again!" Nina Moffa, Real Estate Broker

"I was referred to Agnes by a colleague of mine who says she is the best in the business and that statement could not be more accurate! Agnes is very warm, friendly and inviting and truly a pleasure to work with. Not only is she a talented photographer and an expert at her craft, she is also very professional and provided me with my headshot rather quickly which is great! ...From the very onset of reaching out to the resulting product, her keen diligence towards each pixel displays her undeniable passion towards photography! Not only is she extremely professional but creates a soothing and smooth process. I was lucky to have been referred to her!" Christopher

" are awesome at your work." Risa Weiss, Real Estate Broker and Coach

"As a seasoned realtor, I rate getting a new headshot right up there with a trip to the dentist - a necessary evil. Agnes made what is typically an awkward encounter relatively painless - if not downright enjoyable! She worked with me to get a headshot that looks like me on a really good day - and what could be better than that? Agnes has an eye for discovering the best of you and committing it to a photo that you can be proud to use for all of your marketing platforms. Five stars!" Monica Davidson Klinke, Real Estate Broker

"I definitely recommend Donnadieu Professional Studio. Not only is Agnes Donnadieu a nice person, she is excellent at what she does.....professional photography. My first experience with Donnadieu Studio was six years ago when I began working for Coldwell Banker. I needed a headshot for my business cards. I contacted the Studio and set up an appointment. Agnes was welcoming, professional, helpful, and made creative suggestions in order to get that perfect shot. Recently, I was in need of another head shot and automatically thought of Donnadieu Studio. I was very happy when Agnes picked up the phone because I knew I would get what I was looking for." Carol Roth, Real Estate Broker

"I went to see Agnes for the second time for a headshot. She is the best in the business! It had been 8 years since my last photo (I took a break) and she again did an amazing job and provided me a great picture! She is very efficient and skilled. I will send colleagues her way and highly recommend her services! She's the best!" Megan Drake, Real Estate Broker

"Thank you for a great time yesterday! I learned so much:-) It was really interesting to watch how you performed plastic surgery with skin, eyes, etc - really amazing." Vera Perner, Real Estate Broker

"I love it! It looks amazing and I appreciate all of your work in getting it just right." Chris Lennie, Real Estate Broker

"Thank you very much for my professional headshot. I will recommend your services to my network! A pleasure to meet you and benefit from your artistry."Ellen Cohen, Executive Director

"Agnes brings a lot more to a shoot than her camera. Her years of experience and eye for detail have been welcome every time I've hired her. She listens to me and makes suggestions simultaneously. I've been selling real estate for over 20 years and she's my "go-to, number 1" (property) photographer."Tom Hanigan, Real Estate Broker

"Your work is magic!"Amani Ghouleh, Real Estate Broker

"This picture is phenomenal! It has luxury, class, and success written all over it. The quality of your work is superb! Thanks again I really enjoyed the shoot, and I'll be on the lookout for the final product."Israel Azaiah, Real Estate Broker

"Thank you again for the amazing pictures!"Eileen Rakow, Real Estate Broker

"I appreciate your time and attention to detail!"Niki Jungwirth, Real Estate Broker

"You are the best! I am super happy with the headshot!" Kay Fujiyoshi, Real Estate Broker

"I got 500 of the latest postcard to you did for me. Thank you so much for explaining that to me. You know I am not a technical mind like you are, and I am glad that I have you as a team. I appreciate you and your expertise and your dedication and loyalty to your customers like me." Karen Carpino, Interior Designer

"I truly appreciate all your work and your help. You are the best." Oscar Campos, Real Estate Broker

"Wow, they (interior pictures) look awesome, zero improvements necessary. Thank you!" Carlo Ruth, Architect

"I really enjoy working with Agnes Donnadieu as she is a perfectionist in everything she does. Adding her artistic abilities to create the best photos for my Interior Design portfolio and website has really helped me make them look more professional, interesting and also captures the real feeling of the space. Iíve used Agnes for many years to capture my Projects and appreciate her honesty, dedication and hard work! I have recommended her many times and would be happy to do so anytime." Randy Shingledecker, Interior Designer

"It was great to work with you. I appreciate your prompt follow up and making my picture look so great!" Maureen Schaf, Broker

"Hi Agnes, I'm really pleased with the photos. It was a pleasure working with you and I will definitely recommend you to others--for headshots or other photography needs!" Ellen Schermerhorn, Broker

"Agnes did a great job! She was able to make time for me the day after I inquired about getting a new head shot for my business cards. She was very professional, took may photos of me and helped me to choose the best/most natural looking photo. She was very efficient, her price was very reasonable and her turnaround time was great!" Mike Frank, Broker

"Great service, flexible with my busy schedule. Agnes does an excellent job making you feel comfortable and getting the best possible headshot. I am very happy with my results and would highly recommend working with her!!" Josh G., Broker

"Agnes works her magic. No fuss and no muss. This is my second time using her in 5 years. She makes me look great! She's a no-nonsense artist who gets the job done in record time!" Jean Marie Minton, Broker

"Been to Agnes twice for headshots and both times were excellent! Fast, super professional, great/easy to work with, quick turnaround, quality work, and provides photos for multiple mediums (websites, print, email signatures, etc.) Highly recommended!!" Karl V., Broker

"I try to get a new headshot every other year and Agnes is the photographer I use. Agnes always works around my schedule, her prices are very reasonable, and she takes my beat up mug and makes me look half way decent in a photo!!" Greg Mitchel, Loan Officer

"Agnes your work is very professional and I am pleased with the new photo!" Bill Altier, Broker

"Agnes has a great eye for shooting my condo listings .She does a great job with the photos, but isn't afraid to move furniture or items to get the best shot. Her efficient communications make scheduling with clients easy. Touch up and complete photos have a quick turnaround time!!" Michael Michalak, Broker

"Unbelievably brilliant! Michelangelo didnít have anything on you! You made me look like a movie star!!" Diane Pyshos, Mortgage Broker

"Agnes, you had inquired how well the postcard you designed for me does as far as business and marketing. I have thus far gotten three projects from the 400 postcards I sent out. So thank you so much!" Karen Carpino, Interior Designer

"Yes I got the headshot. Iíve actually gotten complements on it!" Frank Bomher, Broker

"Thank you so much Agnes for sending photos!!!! Youíre a magician with photoshop!!! I look pretty good! Lovť it!" Laura Franco, Broker

"Thank you for the great photo! I have recommended you to several of my colleagues and will continue to do so!"James Oh, Broker

"We got the headshots! They look awesome! Thanks for a great job as always!!" Alan Zuber, Managing Broker

"Agnes if only you could make me look better in real life also! Looks as good as Iím going to get. Thanks!!" Mike Decker, Broker

"The retouched looks great, you definitely made me look more professional. Thank you!" Eric Chappel, Broker

"I've gotten many compliments...your good work!" Colette Wright Adams, Broker

"I like it, you are very talented! Like I drank from the fountain of youth. Thank you so much!" David Banach, Broker

"I was bragging about your (listing) photos with B&W corporate. Your photos are almost entirely superior to VHT. Did you check out our listing? Literally itís a side by side comparison for the most part. Our client definitely saw the difference between your finished work and finished VHT photos. Not to mention, itís pleasure to work with you!" Ben Lissner , Broker

"They (listing pictures) look great Agnes! Can't believe that it was so dark outside and your photos do not portray dark at all. Thank you!" Susan Dickman, Broker

"It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday. You are very talented, and I enjoyed speaking with you!" James T. Nyeste, Attorney

"I love your technique. You have a great eye for details. I will send you my real estate colleagues, family and friends!" Suzy Grossman, Broker

"You work magic. Looks great!" Tricia Konrath, Broker

"These look stunning. I don't think there's anything I would change about either one. They are both better than I could have ever hoped for. You are amazing!" Sarah Donnellan, Broker/Attorney

"WOW! I think it looks great. Awesome job Agnes!" Debra Flynn, Broker

"I think the postcard turned out really nice. Thanks!" Dallas Campbell, Broker Colorado

"The website is more beautiful than ever. Thank you for the beautiful (retouched) photos!" Karen Carpino, Interior Designer

"Comments from Tasha and Andrew! See below. Wow! These (listing pictures) look amazing! Agnes is a genius!!!!" Ro Lebedow, Broker

"The photo is better than I expected.Thanks for your good taste!" Eva Gorecka, Broker

"Youíve done wonders!" James F. Karela, First American

"I love it! In my head that's what I look like all the time!" Sosi Mikaelian, First American

"Looks great! Thanks. I like the angle of the different shots. For each room, it gives a good view of the space!" Michael Michalak, Broker

"I've never looked better! Thank you so much!" John Brown, Broker

"Thanks, Agnes. Another great job! I appreciate your advice and help!" Linda Toops, CEO Clerestory Consulting

"Thanks for the (listing) pix they look great. Also, you are definitely on my go to list. You will be hearing from me or my referrals. Thanks again!" Yamil E. Colůn, Esq., Broker

"I think it looks fantastic. Everyone loves it. Even heard back from a client who said it is her favorite (Christmas) card ever. You did a great job. Thanks Agnes!" Joanne Kiczula, Clerestory Consulting

"Thanks for all your hard work! Best photo ever!" Marjorie Allabastro, Broker

"Your work (listing pictures) is so excellent!" Ro Lebedow, Broker

"Thank you so much! Your attention to detail and hard work has meant so much to us!" Colin Baker, Broker

"I need to check on the sign people today. When I took over the artwork, they said the design looked impressive!" Dallas Campbell, Broker Colorado

"Awesome, thank you so much!! Looks fabulous!" Becky Jarosch, Broker

"I definitely will call you when I need an updated photo!" Kate Stirling, Broker

" Your headshot was excellent and helped me a lot on social media.Thank you for everything youíve done for us and we wish you even more success! !" Richard Levy, Broker

"I will definitely keep you in mind for projects going forward!" Michael Michalak, Broker

" I wish I had a hat so I could have a photo like that...I think it's great!!!!! Different....I like different and standing out ...!!! Thanks again!" Marlene Bass, Broker

"I really LOVE this pic! You did a great job. Thanks again, loved your shoot!" Mary Sorensen, Broker

" Thank you for all the work on the photo! I love it!" Stephanie Chisti, Citibank

"Just wanted to thank you again. Photos are great!" David Baran, @ Properties

"Impressive work!" John Hrivnak, Architect

"We have the best website in the business! I have researched every developer in the city and nobody has a better website than us. Agnes you have done an unbelievable job." Azeem Khan,

"I am glad you are working with me (on the website) . You really care about what you do."

"Thank you very much for your outstanding work!" Risa Weiss

"These photos of Ed looks awesome Agnes. Thank you for all your help!" Lores Schwind, Century 21 SGR

"Thank you Agnes! I really like the head shot you did for me and may want to do another soon. Hard to recreate what I REALLY like tho. You did a fantastic job!" Susan Dickman, Koenig Rubloff

"Thank you so much Agnes, these look wonderful. You did such a fabulous job:)" Jason Davis

"Thank you so much for your help and for your honesty and professionalism I really love it!" Davie Scott

"Thank you for producing something that looks so nice - I appreciate your work and I will be sure to send you any referrals that I can." Erik Nerison

"I'm thrilled with the end product. Thank you!" Dylan Plattwood, Koenig Rubloff

"It looks great Super job Thanks again!" Chris Ford, Coldwell Banker

"The picture looks fantastic. I'm so happy with it so thank you!" Bryce Minetz, CPA, Burnham & Sullivan Properties

"I truly am grateful to you for your work and artistry." Miriam Zeltzerman, Koenig Rubloff

"Thank you for a great-looking website too!"

"Touch up is amazing." Karen Belletete

"Thanks again for such a lovely photo. I have received much positive feedback about it. You are magnificent!" Evelyn Woods, Coldwell Banker

"I like it. You do very nice work. I wish I knew 1/8 of Photoshop the way you do!" Carol Roth, Coldwell Banker

"It looks terrific! I've already received many compliments on my new photo! Thank you so much for your patience and photo face lifting skills! I will be sending more people your way." MaryBeth Smith, Koenig Rubloff

"Holy smokes the new and improved version is just great. Wow. Perfect." Stevie Penisten, Koenig Rubloff

"I have to let you know that I have gotten so many wonderful comments about the photo you created of me. What I admire is that you really know what will market a business. I am glad that I was referred to you and hope you will do further work for me. Thank you." Karen Carpino, Interior Designer

"That really does look much better...better than i've looked in years! And the framing looks good, too." Andrew Chu

"You are good!" HK Hal, Coldwell Banker

"I love it! That is some amazing work you do. I appreciate all the attention and work you've ?put into this. thank you so much." Sal Huzairun, Coldwell Banker

"I thank you for your patience with me yesterday. I was more than a bit uncomfortable being on the other side of the camera. (I used to be a commercial photographer decades ago.)" Abdallah Clark, Coldwell Banker

"These (interior pictures) look great! I don't know how you made these rooms look so wonderful." Diane Pyshos, A&N Mortgage

"Thank you for all the work on the photo! I love it!" Stephanie Chisti, Citibank

"It looks REALLY great. Thanks so much Agnes!! You have a gift!" Larysa Domino

"Looks great. Thank you! Pleasure to meet you. You pay attention to detail." John Federici, Managing Broker | Principal, Krain Real Estate

"Thank you very much, I think it looks fabulous. You definitely made magic happen." Jennifer Schelberger, Coldwell Banker

"The website looks amazing and it is a pleasure working with you. I look forward to finishing up the remaining work."

"You are amazing! Thank you, Agnes, for the quick turnaround and great work." Sarah Mueller, Coldwell Banker

"I will come back for my next headshot and will certainly recommend you to people! I appreciate your time and professionalism." Stacey Thomas

"You have a very difficult job and you do it so well." Ana Konrath

"Thank you so much. I love it!" Laraine Richards, Coldwell Banker

"The (event) pictures are amazing. Dr. Angres (Danny) was very happy with your work and you." K.Bettinardi-Angres, Positive Sobriety Institute

"Thank you for your excellent work and quick turn around." Dan Brunnert, Floyd Consulting

"Looks perfect to me! I showed my mom she said awesome, great job." Sam Kahn, MKT Properties

"Oh my goodness! It looks so good! I can tell you have been working hard! It's turning out to be a picture I will actually like!" Mary VonMandel, Koenig Rubloff

"Thank you so much for your professional assistance and for making me look great!" Grace Bak

"I did receive the business cards and they look amazing!! The printing and everything is perfect for me! Thank you again for all of your help and hard work!" TJ Gray, Basketball player

"We count on your participating in our marketing process in the way you do!" Dennis Dooley, ex manager of Koenig Rubloff, now at @ Properties

"You work has turned out fantastic and it has been a sincere pleasure working with you." Michael Ramstedt, Exit

"Thank you very much for your great work. I will certainly recommend you to anybody I know in need if your services." Leo Sanchez

"Hahahaha you are the best!" James De Marco, Koenig Rubloff

"Thank you so much for your time and your expertise. I look forward to sending referrals your way in the future." Elrod Jacoby, Triview Property

"The photos are great! I'm very pleased. Thanks so much for your work. I have already referred you to another agent. It was a pleasure working with you." James Horwath

"I am very impressed with what you have done. Thank you!!!" Andy Shiparski,

"Love the photo w/me in glasses and the skin retouch. Love it!" Michele Gillard, Coldwell Banker

"My clients are thrilled with the (property) pictures." Ro Lebedow, Koenig Rubloff

"I love the picture! Thanks for all your work. You're top on my list to send referrals." Nina Goldsmith, @ Properties

"The pictures (Burberry window display on Michigan) are lovely, thanks so much!" Jon Thompson, Burberry HQ

"Thank you so much, You're the best!!" Richard Monzon, Triview Property

" it worked. Great. :) Thank you again. My client loved the (property) pics." Yvonne Carns, Re/Max

"Thanks for working your magic. Looks great." Monique Sandberg, @ properties

"I absolutely love it. Thank you so much Mrs. Agnes I will definitely use your service again and refer you to coworkers!" Michael, Chicago Realty

"Looks great. You do wonderful work. I have no objection to the photo." Tracey Williams Krain Chicago Real Estate

"This looks really good! I am surprised you were able to make me look handsome." David Mark, Triview Property

"Sorry for the late response, but yes I'm very satisfy with the head shots , the were awesome , and yes if your services are needed within my office I will definitely refer your services. And again thank you for your expertise it was very well appreciated." Antonio Rios, Century 21

"Thank you so much you made me look beautiful!!" Margarita Mata

"Thank you. I love them. You did a great job on highlighting my features and bringing out my eye and hair color." Linda Berger

"I like this photo. Looks good. You rock!" Douglas E. Smith, Guaranteed Rate

"Thanks so much for doing such a wonderful job and so quickly. I will keep you in mind for things in the future." Joanne C. Gross, Managing Broker

"You have done wonders!... Just wanted to thank you again. Photos of my team are great!" David Baran, Broker

"I'm very satisfy with my headshot. It's awesome. I will definitely refer your services. And again thank you for your expertise, it was very well appreciated." Antonio Rios, Broker

"I love the picture. You did a great job on highlighting my features and bringing out my eye and hair color." Linda Berger, Broker

"I like this photo. Looks good. You rock!" Douglas Smith, Loan Originator

"The photos are wonderful. I definitely will keep you in mind for referrals and for photos." Molly Bartlett, Broker

"Great job and so easy to work with." Tammy Brazil, Broker

"I am big on referrals so please make sure you email me a few times this year to remind me to send you referrals! I am sure once I start using this photo people will ask who took the photo and I will be sure to mention your name. I like the fact that you are patient and very easy going, makes getting a photo taken very easy and enjoyable so thank you again for that." Greg Mitchell, Loan Originator

"I am getting lots of complements from friend and I will defiantly refer you to my colleagues and friends." Aelee Han, Broker

"These look perfect! Cant wait to work on future projects! Get ready for April windows in a few days. Thank you again." Jon Thompson, Visual Merchandising Projects Manager, Burberry

"Just wanted to thank you for the great work on the picture. I'll never be a fan of pictures of that sort. But you made me look very natural." Amanda Vanderbok, Broker

"I'm good. I still get compliments from our last photo :)" Cleo Aquino, Broker

"You are a true Artist! I really appreciate all of your time, you are just great!" Linda Breedlove, Broker

"The photos are wonderful and it was a pleasure to meet such a talented and lovely lady. Thanks for the beautiful photos that we are sure will help us bring in some interest." Lillian Khano

"You are truly an artist!! Very cool!!" Debra Kaden, Broker

"Thank you so much Agnes! These look so fabulous! You made this process smooth and painless even through my indecision. Glad I trusted your eye and intuition and went with your pick even when it was out of my comfort zone." Ana Rojkind, Broker

"It looks GREAT!!!! You are a miracle worker. Thank you, and I would recommend you to anyone." Jill O'Malley, Broker

"What you've done is incredible. You are extremely talented and I'm very pleased. I've gotten more than my money's worth." Anne Morrow, ProCision

"Great photo! Nice work!" David Bracy, Managing Broker

"Thank you very much. Photos are great. You did a nice job. I have alot of activity on the unit." Susan Glickman, Broker

"Just wanted to let you know that I received your email, and the pictures are beautiful! Thank you so much for working so quickly for me." Rusty Segares, Broker

"Donnadieu Photograph Studio did outstanding work for me in developing a logo and letterhead for my new law firm. The Studio provides a wide array of services from basic photography to design of a complete website . Agnes Donnadieu is an artist and a savvy businesswoman. Her creative abilities result in first-class products whether it is a headshot for a linked-in page or a new business card. Agnes's creative energies seem boundless, with quick turn around times and great attention to detail. She is what is necessary in the 24/7 business cycle in today's hyper competitive environment." David Leflow, Attorney at Law

"Agnes, I think you are brilliant. That picture looks great!" Linda Toops, Clerestory

"The seller was so impressed with your interior pictures , that he now wants me to get photos for his office in Elmwood Park. Your work is sensational." Scott Foster, Broker

"Agnes was a delight to work with. She is a very professional and conscientious photographer. I used her to photograph several of my apartments and I couldn't have been more pleased. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for real estate photography." Kevin Vaez, Property Investor

"Through our architecture and real estate development businesses, we have worked with Agnes for over 7 years for professional photography of our real estate projects and website. The quality and artistry of her photos are unparalleled which is why we choose to work with Agnes for every photo project. She can see the best possible perspective to shoot and always uses natural light to its best advantage. She has the professional background and strength to direct the photo shoot but also respects the guidance and supervision of the client. With her artsy and collaborative style, she is always a pleasure to work with!" Bill McCollum & Diane Pyshos, McCollum Architects and Camp Buffalo Cottages

"The sellers love the photographs and wanted me to tell you thanks." Tom Hanigan, Broker

"I'm no longer doing real estate; however, I want to continue to use the's fab and you're the best!!!" Dawn Leahy

"Awesome! I love it! Thank you so much Agnes! You are so good!" Shrin Rezania, Broker

"Thank you so much for going to so much trouble. I think that you did an amazing job." Catherine Calkins, Broker

"but I just want to confirm everything is great, and we are happy to provide good referrals for you, and your awesome work!" Buck Field, Consultant

"Agnes is fantastic. She takes pictures of all my listings! She's an absolute perfectionist! Consider her for your personal and listing photography!" Ro Lebedow, Broker

"Thanks a ton - these all came out perfect! I'll be sure to let people know who took my photo =) Thanks for your hard work on it." Lydia Wiley, Broker

"Thanks for doing a great job!" Miguel Chacon, Broker

"Thank you for making me look 10 years younger and 30 pounds lighter. NOW, I have to live up to that.. LOLL" Geralyn Hopson, Broker

"Thanks it looks great! Excited to post!" Abee Zeigler, Re/Max Vision 212

"Yes, looks perfect. Thank you for all of your hard work. Would you mind sending the files to me as well when you send them to Rubloff. I would like a personal copy for future use. Thank you!" Adrian Zermeno, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

"I appreciate your feedback and honestly I really love your talent... I will pass your name around." Barbara L. Thompson, The Shenfeld Group, LLC.

"Yes, looks perfect. Thank you for all of your hard work. Would you mind sending the files to me as well when you send them to Rubloff. I would like a personal copy for future use. Thank you!" Adrian Zermeno, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

"Good news. We sold in less than 2 days. 98% of list. Your great (interior) pictures were a big reason why. As a result of my quick sale, I picked up another listing in my building. I would like you to take pictures for it. Do you have any availability next Saturday? Have a great day." Paul Rusheinski, Charles Rutenberg Realty

"Thanks again for your hard work. I'm very pleased with my website. You are a real PRO." Dallas Campbell, Century 21 Summit Realty in Colorado

"Looks great. Thanks for all of your beautiful work." Lydia Rubloff, Baird & Warner

"I appreciate your professionalism and results! I'm looking forward to seeing your excellent pictures on all my Prudential Rubloff sites and systems." Alice Hoffman, Prudential Rubloff

"You’re brilliant!" Susan Lawrence, @ Properties

"Thank you for all your help and hard work on these headshots. I love the results of both." Lores Schwind, Century 21 SGR

"The headshot looks fantastic." Shimmy Braun, Guaranteed Rate

"It is exellent! Great job." Isabella Rafinska, Coldwell Banker

"By the way, everyone says your photos of the Berteau property are great." Tom Hanigan, Re/Max

"I got the postcards for 505 mcclurg. They look awesome." Raheem Khan, The Khan Group

"Agnes you did a great job. Thanks. I appreciate your professionalism." Barbara Thompson, Koenig & Strey

"The headshot look fabulous! Thank you so much." Shay Hata, Koenig & Strey

"The photo looks great and I am very happy with it!" Melisande Van Liedekerke, Prudential Rubloff

"Creative, knowledgeable, always brings out the best in the property she’s shooting, careful and considerate. She always goes the extra mile to get the right shot. She understands deadlines and always meets them. I can’t say enough about working with her. She’s the Best!!!" Ro Lebedow, Koenig & Strey

"Good news. We sold in less than 2 days. 98% of list. Your great pictures were a big reason why." Paul Ruscheinski, Charles Rutenberg Realty

"True story. Got an offer from a woman from Miami. She saw the (interiors) pictures, knew the building, and put in an offer with a Dreamtown agent with the contingency that she would take a flight up to see it. She saw it, and accused me of being dishonest because the pictures were too good." Scott Foster, Re/Max

"The interior pictures of 1 East Scott, Unit 1309 were wonderful." Scott Foster, Re/Max

"The brochure is awesome Agnes." Raheem Khan, The Khan Group

"Its great. Thank you very much. I appreciate the hard work, I’m very happy with the outcome. I have passed on a copy to my founder." Ryan Riesenbeck, 3P Logic

"Thank you for the excellent work." Gerald Williams, All Points Realty Group

"Everything looks great! You did a very good job to make me look good. Thank you for all your help." Robert Schmidt, Prudential Rubloff

"Thanks so much for you hard work. You are the best!" Pamela Butler, Prudential Rubloff

"I have worked with Agnes for many years. She has provided me with high end photography, logo, website and other marketing tools (brochure, business card, logo...) Her expertise is unparalleled and the quality of her photography is second to none. I really appreciate the personal attention she gives to me and would definitely recommend her without any doubt!" Azeem Khan, Chicago Buildet, AK Custom Homes

"I love it. Sold!" Sam Shaffer, Chicago Properties

"I received the pictures and they look great." Thomas Schmitt, Coldwell Banker

"The website looks great!." Randy Shingledecker, RS Design Studio Interior Design

"Thank you for the awesome job on the Christmas Card. " Joanne Kizcula, Clerestory Consulting LLC

"I have been referring agents to you for a number of years and have found your work to be outstanding." Patric Bergner, Seniro VP & Director Marketing, Prudential Rubloff Properties

"I’ve recommended you to some our new agents and their headshots look amazing!" Nosheen Qazi, Mkt Manager, Koenig & Strey

"Looks're a marvel!" Marikay Belsanti, Koenig & Strey

"Thank you Agnes. I really like my photo. You did a good job and I appreciate all you constructive comments and your technique was great. I will make sure I refer you to others." Barbara Robertson, Re/Max

"I really like the picture. THANK YOU very much." Elizabeth Hake, Koenig & Strey

"I Like the headshot. Looks great." Louis Kritikos, Century 21 SGR

"I get rave reviews about my headshot." Lynn Weekley, @ Properties

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I look forward to working with you again as I acquire listings." Debbie Markoff, Coldwell Banker

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